Saturday, September 8, 2007

Mission Unaccomplished - Where is Osama?

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Six years after 9/11 and one newly released video tape later, Osama bin Laden is still residing in parts unknown. President George W. Bush, the brilliant military strategist and tactician pictured above futilely attempting to look through capped binoculars, declared bin Laden Public Enemy #1 immediately after evidence proved him to be the mastermind of the deadly attacks in 2001.

American tax payers have spent nearly $500 billion, watched helplessly as nearly 4,000 US troops have died so far and seen nearly 30,000 more of our troops suffer injuries. In return for that staggering price, we have watched many evil Iraqis, including Saddam Hussein and his murderous sons, executed. We've seen many of these so called terrorists, insurgents and just outright thugs killed as well. However, the singular thread that all these characters held in common, was they had nothing more to do with 9/11 than you did. Make no mistake, whereas many people conspired to make September 11, 2001 a date much like December 7, 1941 that will forever live in infamy, only one man and one man alone was the mastermind, the one man RESPONSIBLE. Make no mistake, without Osama bin Laden's mens rea, money and meticulous planning, 9/11 is just another innocuous date on the calendar.

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Doesn't that irrefutable fact beg the question as to why Osama bin Laden is still alive and collectively rubbing America's nose in blood stained dirt, as he "celebrates" the SIX YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the single deadliest day in United States history with a mocking video tape release. The simple answer to this wretched question is both simple and wretched, George W. Bush. The Decider and his merry band of mouth breathing dumbbells claim bin Laden is irrelevant today, a cave dwelling relic of the past. Uh huh, imagine for one New York minute if 9/11 would have taken place under the Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter administration. The very neocons assailing Osama as irrelevant, would be screaming like three year old girls for presidential impeachment.

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George Bush has patterned his search for Osama much like OJ Simpson has for the "real killers" of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, one golf course at a time. To be fair to Bush however, he has also been scouring the ocean off Bar Harbor Maine, the uncleared brush of the Texas ranch and every other vacation hot spot around the planet. Despite this massive and selfless search effort, here we are six years later and bin Laden is still cutting audio and video tapes.

It boggles my mind that Bush still has defenders, albeit less than 30% of the American people. That means three out of every ten voting age Americans will defend Bush and insist he's doing a fine job. My extensive math skills via my Casio calculator indicate to me, that leaves 70% or seven out of ten Americans who aren't that impressed. Isn't it high time every one of those not nearly vocal enough majority demand our elected congressional representatives plot a new course immediately?

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No mission will ever be accomplished as long as Osama bin laden is alive and in the recording studio. No more soldiers will die in Iraq if they're no longer in the middle of a never ending civil war. No more watching this despicable president traveling the world blowing his own horn with the air from his lies. The time has come for NO MORE. Let's honor the memory of the 9/11 victims and their still grieving families by simply stating NO MORE. The time is now to ANSWER the question, instead of ASKING the question, Where is Osama?

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