Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bush Flunky - General David H. BetrayUS!!!!

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Cheney gives HIS flunky His OWN four star flunky
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It's always good to learn new information and terminology. A few examples of what I mean, is for the past four and one-half years, I thought Iraq was embroiled in a civil war. During the much anticipated Patraeus Report before Congress on Monday afternoon, I find out from the "Horse's mouth himself," this civil war is in fact an ETHNO-SECTARIAN DISPUTE. Yeah, of course, just like an Alcoholic is really just an Anti-Sobriety Activist or a War-Monger is merely a simplified term for a Peace keeping Patriot.

General David H. Patraeus
put on quite a performance this afternoon on Capitol Hill. He vociferously claimed all the words rolling off his silver tongue were his own and were not first vetted and cleared through the White House. Patraeus then went on to tell our Congressional Reps to disregard "the man behind the curtain" and to just focus on the fraud in front of them. Patraeus couldn't have done this alone. He had every Republican lawmaker acting as a member of his own highly orchestrated and well paid public relations firm. I kept waiting for Florida Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen to crawl on her hands and knees to Patraeus and tongue bathe his "rear echelon" like a dog would. (see below) Why does every "right wing" freedom loving, constitution quoting, American patriot feel the need to question everybody who doesn't share their close-minded, blind, robotic loyalty? She wasn't alone. Each Republican member tried to "out-patriot" each other as if they were handing out an award to the Republican who fawned over Patraeus the most.

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MoveOn.Org took out a full page ad in the Monday edition of The New York Times. The article simply told the truth. This so called independent report was a text book example of "Whitewashing the Facts" and "Cooking the Books." This organized and conspiratorial collaboration between the White House and Republican members of Congress was so blatant and apparent, that only the least "fair and unbalanced" among us couldn't see it. George W. Bush will be preparing his own separate and independent report to be submitted to Congress later this week. This so reminds me of two simple-minded 14 year olds cheating on a homework assignment. The only real work that took place was when these two mental pygmies attempted to change just enough of the same work to make it look similar but clearly independent of the other.

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The bottom line is, this action in Iraq is a CIVIL WAR. Every day, innocent soldiers are being killed and/or badly injured. American families are being torn apart as they spend every day ready to "jump out of their skin" every time the phone rings or a knock on the door is heard. Every day a number of innocent Iraqi civilians are being tortured and killed. All we keep hearing however, is we must stay the course, we must avenge Vietnam, we must support the troops, we must do this and we must do that. My question is, "what the hell are we actually doing?" We're going to continue blindly supporting George W Bush? We're going to spend the SIX YEAR ANNIVERSARY of 9/11 of watching Osama bin Laden tapes? We're going to listen to the man behind the curtain?

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General Patraeus has BetrayedUS. (by the way, I came up with that phrase months ago and MoveOn.Org stole it) but seriously, I'm sure someone came up with it before I did. Isn't it time we the people write our own report. The report is easy to write. Write "ENOUGH" on an email and send it to your Senators and Congressional Rep. Tell them it's no longer alright for them to BetrayUS. They all love democracy, patriotism and freedom, but NOT being voted out of office......

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