Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hey Drama Queen - Sit on Your Scepter!!!

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Don't "TASE" Me Bro!

Let's initially acknowledge and establish an undeniable fact. Andrew Meyer, 21, is a publicity seeking Drama Queen. The University of Florida student was tasered and arrested on Monday at an informal question and answer session with 2004 Democratic Presidential nominee, Senator John Kerry. Meyer was asking Kerry why he did not contest the 2004 presidential election, which he of course lost to George W. Bush, and why there had been no significant efforts to impeach Bush.
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Meyer had asked the Senator several questions and eventually went beyond the previously agreed upon time allotment for each student and was finally asked to stop, according to university spokesman Steve Orlando. When it became apparent he had no intention of stopping, his microphone was cut off. He then became somewhat animated and upset. Much to his credit, Senator Kerry allowed the self-serving student to ramble on, but when he refused to abide by the same rules that everybody else did, four campus police officers did try to remove Meyer from the auditorium. Meyer then started screaming for help and asked "What did I do?" as he waved his arms in an obvious attempt to break free of the officers.

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You can clearly see in the video taping of the incident, Meyer was given every possible opportunity to stop his verbal and physical theatrics but seemed far more interested in performing for the cameras and fellow students, than acting like a big boy and leaving the auditorium. Finally, after he clearly received multiple warnings to stop attempting to break free and screaming, he was finally tasered so as to subdue him. It would seem that 50,000 volts of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

I'm reasonably sure there are very few people more against censorship than I am, but every once in a while, someone like Andrew Meyer comes along and single-handedly disproves that notion. I hope no reasonable person believes for one second, this is a case of censorship, police brutality, abolition of free speech or the kind of totalitarian repression of ideas, practiced by the Bush Administration. This in simplest terms is a text book example of a self-important, spoiled, sanctimonious punk not getting his own way. I actually spoke to a current University of Florida student who requested anonymity, but told me "the consensus of opinion on Andrew Meyer is that he's a punk who likes to light peoples' fuses." She also added "he's done things like this before."

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He did exactly what he set out to do at that forum. Take the focus off John Kerry and put it smack on himself. He now considers himself a celebrity. I guarantee he's been monitoring his phone all day getting ready to field calls from news and entertainment programs across the country. The first thing he should do is consult a dictionary and decipher the definitions and differences of the words FAMOUS and INFAMOUS. He may find more success in his future endeavors, if people are laughing with him as opposed to at him.

Andrew, you came across in that auditorium as an obnoxious, pompous little twit. I would bet you that even Isiah Thomas would tell you how badly you needed to be bitch slapped, instead of slapped on the back, for your impression of a five year old girl having a bad hair day. Senator Kerry should have been elected president in 2004 and in all likelihood, probably was. Kerry is from Massachusetts and not seeking the presidency in 2008. He came to speak at your school as an intellectual and influential member of the most powerful legislative body in the world. Your way of saying thank you, is by turning all the attention on yourself for all the wrong reasons. Before your 15 minutes rapidly expire, I would urge you to publicly apologize to Senator Kerry, your school, the students who were sickened by your silly display and your parents, for having to witness you acting like such an effeminate little twit.

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The world is up to its collective eyeballs with the likes of Britney, Paris, Lindsay, OJ and now YOU. I would suggest the next time the Drama Queen part of your personality wants to emerge, take out your scepter and listen long and hard to the part of your anatomy that will be repeatedly screaming:
"Don't Put it There Bro!"

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