Thursday, November 29, 2007

Save Buckets

Now that the holiday shopping season is in full swing, dedicated shoppers just like you are looking for the best ways to buy great gifts at the lowest possible prices. Fortunately, a website like this now exists and it's called Save Buckets. Save Buckets, you see, is a website that will compare prices, which helps you find the best deals available on an extensive listing of gift options. Save Buckets does not sell any items. What they do, however, is search their comprehensive data base of shops for the sole purpose of locating for you the best possible prices. In addition to well known retailers and specialty shops, Save Buckets also searches lesser known online shops, which often provide better pricing for your product. As an added benefit, if there's a specific item you want but the best price offered is still above your budget, the My Price feature allows you to enter your email address along with the maximum price you are willing to spend. Save Buckets will then regularly check the price of that particular item across all represented vendors as they update their pricing and notify you right away if and when your product is available at your desired price or, in some cases, even a lower one. If after two weeks time this desired product has not met your price, Save Buckets will notify you via email with the lowest price available at that moment. Save Buckets is a remarkably valuable shopper's assistant, saving both your valuable time and money.

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