Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hillary is Starting to Look Bushed!

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Hillary Clinton is finally beginning to show the wear and tear often associated with a crumbling facade. The woman who would be king. The woman above the fray. The woman who was planning her very coronation during what should have been the arduous dog days of endless campaigning, is beginning to exude a certain desperation in between her self proclamations of invincibility. It seems Hillary's specific Achilles heel has been rediscovered and that heel be she.

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One month ago, people were focusing on the more important aspects of life. Not the future of the United States mind you, but more essential interests such as what accessories they would need to complete the finishing touches on their Halloween costume. After all, the union has managed to survive for more than 230 years, but the 2007 version of Halloween only comes but once in a lifetime. As for our country, in recent years we have managed to withstand the first foreign attack on American soil since 1812, nearly seven years of George Bush, Dick Cheney, et al, O.J. Simpson once again being arrested on multiple serious felony charges and the average cost of a gallon of gas creeping ever closer to the $4 mark. We can't be worrying our collective pole dancing and pirate asses about a presidential election still a year away. Fortunately, a few people disagreed with that premise and not only noticed but began reporting about Hillary's slippage and now that holiday shopping is really the only competition, more and more voters are actually beginning to take notice as well.

The first crack occurred at the democratic presidential debate in Philadelphia on the night before Halloween. Hillary's democratic opponents finally realized that by not verbally attacking the front runner, it only made her aura of invincibility seem more prominent. So fellow democratic rivals Obama, Edwards, Biden and Dodd began slowly chipping away at Hillary. This was a major departure from previous strategies. They all assumed that if any male candidate was critical of Hillary, he would come across as a brutish man attacking a poor, defenseless woman. This is nonsense in a political campaign, but who in their right mind would claim most politicians were thoughtful and above reproach? Clearly this new tactic flustered Hillary, perhaps to the point where she made her first major gaffe of the campaign, when she appeared to support the right of illegal immigrants to be issued driver's licenses yet opposing this same right simultaneously.

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Realizing she made a blunder, she did what almost all politicians do, she grossly overcompensated for the goof. She drew significantly more attention to it then would have been the case had she just issued a short release explaining exactly what she wanted people to believe. Then she should have droped the subject and subsequently ignored it. But she did the exact opposite. Hillary raced up to her all female alma mater in Massachusetts and, while surrounded by female students and faculty, claimed she was a poor defenseless woman being unfairly attacked for her gender. Hillary chose to completely ignore the fact that she was the leading candidate and therefore was being treated exactly like any man, including her husband, in the same circumstance. That backfired, so her current husband and former president decided to take his turn by chivalrously accepting the blame for her failed health care project early in his first term. Good try Bill. That works if your woman takes an extra hour selecting just the right pantsuit for a formal dinner thereby causing you to arrive late, but not for a tough candidate who wants to be president. Clearly the Backlash Express was beginning to pick up steam.

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I fully acknowledge this country has no shortage of imbeciles. You start at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and splay outwards from there. There are a certain percentage of people who under NO circumstances would vote for a woman, an African-American, a Jew, a Mormon, a homosexual, an intellectual or a thoughtful, honest candidate opposed to Americans being permitted to own and discharge firearms anytime they feel the slightest bit threatened. I'm not talking to them. I'm talking to however many people remain. In just over a year, this country will have completed our collective sentence of having the worst president in U.S. history. Unless another catastrophic event takes place, we will soon be able to see the first glimmer of light at the end of the long dark tunnel we have been in. If we learned anything from the past seven years, it is that we must vigilantly avoid repeating a failure anywhere close to this again. I can honestly state I don't care what gender, skin color, religious or lack of religious background, sexual preference or what kind of company they would be drinking the proverbial beer with. I do care, however, how honest, bright, thoughtful, current as well as prior event savvy and courageous they are. Not the former military deserter willing to send others to their death kind of courage we see now, but the courage to think and talk rather than kill or be killed mentality we're choking on now.

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I'm not completely certain that candidate exists, but I know with 100% certitude when it doesn't. Hillary Clinton is not a president. She wants to be president. She believes she should to be president. I'm convinced she's willing to tell you what you want to hear, tell me what I want to hear and then tell herself what she wants to hear kind of president. But a successful president must not only be the brightest person in the room, but must be willing to listen to those around her who aren't, even when their positions are 180 degrees different. Flunkies are easy to find, intelligent adversaries on your payroll aren't. Ultimately, all of humanity is our individual superior in that we may learn from them. George W. Bush believes he never made a mistake. Hillary Clinton believes that any mistakes she makes are magnified because of her gender. I believe we could have done much better in 2000 and because of that, we must do much better in 2008.......

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