Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Hell With The Kids, What About Oprah?

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What is wrong with people? How could any human being even remotely consider committing a felony, if said illegal act could negatively impact our national treasure, Oprah Winfrey? Scandal recently rocked the modestly named Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in Johannesburg, South Africa. A 27 year old former dorm matron named Virginia "Tiny" Makopo was arrested on charges of abuse, including indecent acts. If true, this is a terrible crime perpetuated against a child and Tiny as well as anybody else with knowledge of the situation should be dealt with in the most stringent manner available under South African law. This is a situation however, that begs the question of how a woman like Tiny even had access to these girls. What were her qualifications as a 27 year old to be in this sensitive position? What was her background? What specific training did she undergo that would qualify her to be in charge of these impressionable and trusting girls? What was Oprah doing besides being photographed and lauded for building this shrine to herself thousands of miles away from the country that made her financially able to even consider doing this?

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I have long considered Oprah Winfrey the single most fortunate person in the United States. She has absolutely zero discernable talent. She is an overweight, self aggrandizing talk show hostess that primarily appeals to middle aged and older women who don't work or attend school. She's not an attractive woman. She's not educated or original. Oprah basically is doing the old Phil Donahue Show. The only difference being, was unlike Phil, Oprah wasn't a bright, white, silver haired man. She somehow manages to inexplicably parlay this complete lack of talent and limited appeal into a billion dollar empire. Oprah, I salute you. I'm not the least bit religious and I don't believe in heaven and hell, but I must admit a part of me is convinced Oprah made a pact with Satan himself to achieve this deal. But that's Satan's contractual cross to bear, not mine.

I've known any number of pompous, self-important people in my life. The one thing they all have in common is the unbridled love they have for themselves. That's why I wasn't surprised in the least to read about and see on the news, Oprah's thoughts of this alleged abominable act. Oprah instinctively made the incident all about HER. The first public statements out of her mouth were and I quote, "This has been one of the most devastating, if not the most devastating moment of MY life." That's our beloved Oprah for you. Let's make sure the focus of this potentially harmful, life altering experience in a young female's life is all about you, Oprah. Imagine a potentially cataclysmic event occurring in a young person's life that you have pledged responsibility for, and all you can initially think of, is how this is negatively impacted you. That's the essence of the kind of person Oprah truly is. This is just an embarrassing, inconvenient and annoyingly negative moment in Oprah's positive idyllic little world.

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Oprah has to feel this shouldn't have ever happened. After all, she was the driving force for the $40 million school that opened in South Africa in January of this year. Oprah personally selected each one of the 152 young women between the ages of 13 and 23 who live and study free of charge at the school. Apparently the same careful consideration was not exercised when selecting the staff to nurture and educate these students. Imagine carefully overseeing the building of a medical school. This school bearing your name would have the finest facilities and amenities available, state-of-the-art life saving equipment and a cross section of 152 of the most gifted and deserving students in the country. Sounds like a great place doesn't it? Oh wait, maybe we should hire some qualified medical doctors to work in the school as well? It's always the little details that screw you over in life. Oprah was so busy making sure her name on the front of the school was the right size, color and font. She personally interviewed and approved each one of the 152 girls to insure their worthiness of being associated with her. She was going to make certain this school would forever become a living and breathing shrine to her, that she forgot one of those small details, carefully vetting people to become just the right educational staff to teach these girls and protect them from harm.

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Oprah, you'll soon get over your devastation if not already. You should spend some time first asking yourself and then answering some very important questions. Ask yourself for example why this school was built in South Africa instead of the United States. Are there not 152 young women just as worthy in the USA of an excellent educational opportunity as they are in the RSA? Why was so little detail paid to hiring a staff that something like this could happen in the first few months of the school? Why are you so arrogant and conceited that the emotional well being of a physically abused 13 year old girl is secondary to how that event "devastated" you? Oprah, you're far more wealthy and famous than you should be. Be honest, would anybody waste an hour of their lives watching your program on a daily basis if they had anything worthwhile to do? I think it's an indictment of this country that you are such an influence over so many confused people, but you are. So as part of your responsibility, start being a little more involved and a little less pompous and try doing something for somebody other than yourself.....

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