Monday, August 13, 2007

The Wizard of Odd - If Bush only had a BRAIN

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must admit that every time I saw the soon to be resigning Karl Rove and George W. Bush together, I kept expecting Rove to sit Bush down on his knee and drink a glass of water while Bush gargled a few bars of Me and my Shadow. I just assumed the reason that never happened was because Bush's multi-tasking skills prevented him from balancing himself upright and talking, let alone singing at the same time. But seriously folks, the brain analogy makes you think of what else took place and was incorporated into creating the splendor and grandeur of the George W. Bush BRAIN

Former president, George H.W. Bush and the former first lady, Barbara Bush helped mold the young W from his years as an uninformed adolescent to his years as an uninformed undergrad at prestigious Yale University in New Haven, CT. Yale traditionally accepts less than 10% of all applicants for admission. For people with a George W. Bush intellect, that means for every one hundred students trying to gain admission, less than 10 of them are accepted. Now I'm sorry, but whether you love or loathe the Sock Puppet-in-Chief, I feel certain beyond a reasonable doubt, that if you scoured the country from Maine to California, the odds of finding over ninety people that Bush is intellectually superior to, is remote at best. In his college years, Bush's BRAIN was more than likely immersed in bourbon than in a book. Despite his total lack of any detectable intelligence, Bush managed to emerge from the ivy covered walls of Yale with a degree in history. Many educators at Yale still don't consider this fact to be their crowning moment of achievement.

Mr. Bush wasn't satisfied with mastering the curriculum of just one top Ivy League university quite yet. He was now on a course to destroy the reputation of another top school in an adjoining state no less. The Bush family plotted a course for Georgie boy to add an MBA degree from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Again, all personal feelings aside, how many of you really feel Bush capable of spelling MBA, let alone walking out of Harvard with that degree taped to a Jim Beam bottle as well? I mean isn't this the same George W. Bush that nearly choked to death attempting to the master the art of eating a pretzel?

Is a man who is as academically accomplished as George W. Bush, really need another man to be his surrogate BRAIN? Bush has been given full credit for saying some of the most thought provoking, jaw dropping statements ever heard before. See just some of the many musings offered by the maharishi's BRAIN and mouth in just his first term! The title speaks almost as many volumes as these types of Bush quotations have filled thus far. The 50 Dumbest Things President Bush Said in His First Term.

In fact there is such a wealth of George W. Bush quotes available on-line, you would begin to think the only dumb things he hasn't yet said, are the things he hasn't been bright enough to think of yet. Give him some time. Sadly, he has over 500 days left in office to wax poetic, before Crawford, Texas' favorite son gets back to his true calling of stump clearing. Hopefully between stumps, he'll actually use some that ivy covered BRAIN of his to realize what a mess he made of this country. That's doubtful at best, because stubborn and stupid people's definition of the big picture can rarely fill the head of a pin. However, he did prove the theory that in America, any 35 year old, or older native born idiot can be president. But he also proved at a minimum, you need to be your own BRAIN. Bush never needed his own BRAIN in school, in business or in the White House. Now as a result, he can fill his presidential library with all his BRAINless quotes. That ought to keep his BRAIN busy forever and ever, as soon he finds out what a library is........

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