Monday, August 6, 2007

Breaking Views JUST IN…..

I’d like to take a brief moment to introduce myself and explain why I’ve decided to start this blog, the purpose of this blog and what I hope to accomplish writing this blog.

My name is Veritas. It’s a Latin word meaning “Truth.” I fully realize my truth may somewhat differ from yours. But what I can promise anyone reading this page will be a clear view of how I view the current state of politics, religion and life here in America.

Right now the United States of America has somewhat taken on the characteristics of a rudderless ship. Obviously my life experiences don’t date back to what led up to the Civil War nearly one and one half centuries ago, but we seem to be heading down a similar path to malaise and all consuming fear.

Residents of this country seem more concerned and yes even obsessed with reveling in our differences, than celebrating our esprit de corps. We sometimes seem so polarized by political affiliations, religious beliefs, how to best insure safety for all our citizenry, comparative morality and how our very environment should be managed, that we’d rather win a battle of wills than the more important battle for survival as a nation.

As I stated in the 2nd paragraph of this introduction, I am Veritas or Truth if you prefer. I can’t promise that you will agree with my interpretation of life, but I can promise that you will come away with a crystal clear sense of where I stand. The best part is YOU, the reader, will have complete authoritative control as to how you react.

I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with you all……

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