Friday, August 17, 2007

Dick Cheney is a Quagmire

Vice President Dick Cheney, the Man with the Golden Cyst, the Man with Other Priorities, the Man who teamed up with Haliburton to make BILLIONS of DOLLARS in Iraq alone, needs to be sent out on a hunting trip with "himself". In defending the decision NOT to invade Baghdad and remove Saddam from office back in 1991, he cited his strong opinion that Iraq would have become a quagmire. You know what a quagmire is; a difficult, precarious, or entrapping position. Hmmmmm, that has an eerily familiar ring to it, yes?

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The original Dr. Evil, seen in this April 15, 1994 interview with C-SPAN, outlines with great clarity why the United States Armed Forces did not march into Baghdad and overthrow the Saddam Hussein regime following the Gulf War in early 1991. The video and audio tape opens with Cheney explaining exactly why it would have been a colossal mistake to have moved into Baghdad after Saddam's elite Republican Guards were routed in Southern Iraq. This took place as the six month war was concluding. Cheney explained how the USA would have been all alone in its occupation of Iraq, because the coalition forces assembled to oust Saddam from Kuwait, were not willing to stand with us in an Iraqi occupation. Cheney went on to state the immense problems taking down the Iraqi Central Government would have caused. The Great White Hunter explained how with no central government in place, in this volatile part of the world, Syria would have made claims in the west, Iran in the east and south and Turkish Kurds in the north. Iraq as we knew it, would have split off and fractured. The final point made by the "Sac Puppet" VP was the casualties the US would have suffered occupying Iraq. The George H.W. Bush administration (you know, the smart Bush) concluded killing Saddam and occupying his country was not worth the death of any of our armed forces.

So, let us leap into the time machine and take a ride seven years forward to 2001. You can now erase everything you just read and heard on the tape. Cheney and his merry little band of cowards crawled out of their cave and decided everything that was carefully analyzed and thought out to the nth degree should be forgotten. The only obstacle in their way was an excuse to invade and any excuse would do. I mean if you had to lie, fabricate or concoct the most ridiculous excuse ever heard, it would be sufficient to set the wheels on the "Quagmire Express" in motion. BINGO, 9/11 fell into their laps. Can't you just see these pathetic, weak girlie men prancing around, butt slapping each other with their feminine little hands?

The Cyst-inator and his minions now had their EXCUSE. Well you know the rest of this saddest of sad chapters in American history. We are in the 5th year of occupation with no end in sight. We have created more terrorists than Carter has produced liver pills. Soon the 4,000th soldier will have been killed in battle. Soon the cost of this war will exceed half of $1 trillion. More soldiers will be coming home without arms, legs and other vital body parts, and yet if Dick and Bush have their way, this war will continue until your grandchildren's grandchildren are fighting it.

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In 1994 Cheney called an Iraq occupation a quagmire. In 2007 isn't it time the American people call Dick Cheney and George W. Bush to task, and tell them enough is enough already with this damned war. You proved your point. That point being is that you both need to be impeached, before this country sinks so far down in its own quagmire, that we'll never be able to climb out.........

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