Monday, January 28, 2008

Zenni Optical

Eyeglasses are no longer simply associated with the visually challenged student. They have become a stylish fashion accessory. Now, we must never forget the fact that prescription eye wear is still a health item, but now eyeglass frames are available in more shapes, sizes and colors in both plain and fancy styles. Well known fashion designers have linked their names to this industry as never before. Glasses, once a basic item, is now a major part of the fashion industry. What this then means, of course, is that stylish eyeglasses with state of the art lenses can be a most expensive item. Not so, says Zenni Optical. An option now exists that enables you to purchase single vision prescription eye wear (choosing from an extensive selection of frames), complete with a hard case, online for as little as $8.00 plus a shipping fee of only $4.95 (regardless of the size of your order). How can Zenni Optical do this you ask? They can by using frames manufactured in their very own factories, thus removing the tremendous cost factor of the middleman. There's zero retail overhead to their operation and there's minimal advertising fees. So what you have here is a way for you to purchase quality, stylish glasses at a remarkably economical price.

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