Saturday, January 19, 2008

Finance Genius

When you consider the current state of our economy, finding ways to save your hard earned money is more important now than ever. Finance Genius provides a wealth of information for you to save significant money on every aspect of your family's spending. There are easy to understand articles and tools, such as a mortgage refinance calculator, that will greatly assist you in making informed decisions regarding auto and student loans, mortgages, various forms of insurance (auto, home, health and life), and credit. There is also information on an often overlooked source of savings - the extended auto warranty. Finance Genius even provides you with a minimum credit card payment calculator. This helpful item will show you the total amount of interest you will have to pay if you only make the minimum monthly payments. When you see just how many years it will take you to pay off your debt as well as the outrageous amount of interest the credit card companies charge you, you realize just how important it is to safeguard your long-term financial health by paying more than just the minimum. This is simply one more way Finance Genius will assist you when making decisions about your personal finances. Why not check it out for yourself and see just how much money you can begin saving right away.

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