Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Decorate With LED Lights

Christmas lights are no longer just for Christmas anymore. With the advent of LED technology, decorative lights are now available in more shapes and have more uses than ever before. What are the advantages of LED string lights over traditional holiday lights you might ask? One major difference is that LED lights save a great deal of electricity. Since they produce virtually no heat, they are also significantly safer to use. These lights last a great deal longer as well (50,000 hours vs. 2,000 hours for traditional lights), they are practically indestructible and it's oh so simple to replace one bulb, should that become necessary.

Due to the wide variety of shapes and colors available, these lights offer more options for decorating than just your traditional Christmas tree. There are textured strawberry and raspberry shaped lights, mini lights and icicle-shaped lights all in a vast array of colors. Imagine having the ability to display orange strands of light for Halloween, decorative white lights for a wedding display, or LED rope lights to enhance the beauty of your patio or gazebo year round. Consider lighting one of your favorite trees in order to show off your landscaping to friends and neighbors alike. The many options are limited only by your imagination.

LED strings lights are economical to use. Bargains abound now that another Christmas holiday season has come and gone. You can now use these beautiful LED strings lights throughout the entire year in order to add a professional appearing aura of beauty to your home and landscaping.

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