Thursday, January 24, 2008

Free The Drones

Free The Drones is a blog covering a wide array of topics related to personal finance. The premise behind this informative blog is to evaluate what it takes for you to reach financial freedom. The information provided is not meant to be advice, but information which you can use to assess and modify your own finances. Some of the items covered include credit repair, investing, money saving tips, retirement planning and taxes. One of the more interesting topics addressed was debt. This article specifically addresses the issue of how much debt is too much. In order to properly answer this question, it is crucial to define both the type of debt you are carrying and what percentage of your income is designated to paying off this debt. Included is a calculator specifically designed to assist you in determining your personal monthly debt burden. The goal of financial freedom is a most desirable one and information, such as that provided in this blog, is necessary for this goal to become a reality.

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