Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Veritas Salutes the Holidays with 3 Classics!


In order to properly celebrate this festive season, I will submit for your review my three favorite jokes. I shall lead off with a classic penguin joke. If you've never heard this joke, sit back and be prepared to roar with laughter. If you have heard it before, it's just as funny the 1,000th time as the first. Anybody who knows me will back that statement up.

This happy go lucky penguin is cruising down the street in his high performance car, when all of a sudden out of the blue, he hears a disturbing noise coming from under the hood. As many of you know, penguins are cold weather denizens that are much more at home in the icy terrain of Antarctica, than working as automotive mechanics.

Despite the disturbing engine sound, today was surely the penguin's lucky day. He noticed an automotive garage with a big neon sign proudly announcing "Mechanic on Duty." The penguin managed to get the vehicle into the parking area of the shop and found the mechanic. He described to the mechanic what he heard as he was motoring down the street. The mechanic explained he was very busy, but promised to take a look at the vehicle and determine the problem in approximately one hour.

The penguin noticed a shopping center across the street and figured an air conditioned mall would be a perfect place to await the mechanic's assessment. The penguin waddled over to the mall and enjoyed some window shopping and then happened by an ice cream place. It's a well known fact, penguins love ice cream and this guy was no different, so he ordered a three scoop bowl of delicious vanilla ice cream.

The penguin also noticed that it was now just over an hour since he dropped his vehicle off. So he paid for his ice cream and began waddling back to the auto garage. As you all well know, penguins don't have hands so he had to eat his ice cream by dipping his beak into the bowl.

As he arrived back at the garage, he met the mechanic near the front door. The mechanic looked the penguin in the eye and noticed his ice cream covered face, telling him "it looks like you blew you a seal." The penguin without batting an eye, said, "nah, it's just ice cream."

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrump Bump. Watch in a couple of days for part II. I promise they get better....

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