Friday, December 7, 2007

Dying at the Hand of a Punk Really Sucks

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What is it specifically that transforms a human being blessed with unlimited potential into a despicable punk damned with unlimited evil? Sean Taylor, a 24 year old professional football player for the Washington Redskins and father of an infant daughter, was senselessly shot and murdered last week when four gutless punks with a gun broke into his home in a Miami, Florida suburb. The punks ranging in age from 17 to 20 were arrested last week about 100 miles northwest of the scene of the crime. According to local police in Miami-Dade County, the fabulous foursome's specific intent was to burglarize what they thought was an unoccupied house. But when they discovered that was clearly not the case, they did what any of self respecting gutless punks with a gun would do, they cowardly shot a man in his own home. Despite being shot in the leg, the bullet struck Taylor's femoral artery which caused massive blood loss and was the ultimate cause of death.

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The type of wound suffered by Taylor is among the most difficult to fix, trauma experts said Tuesday after the 24-year-old gunshot victim died in a Miami hospital. The body has two femoral arteries that branch off from about mid-abdomen into each thigh. They are among the body’s biggest vessels, and in the groin area and upper thigh, are about as big around as an index finger. Stopping blood loss gushing from a bullet hole in that region can be extremely challenging if the wound is close to the groin. It would be hard to put a tourniquet around it, said Dr. Gannon Dudlar, an emergency medicine specialist at the University of Illinois Medical Center in Chicago. An injury of this type “essentially means you can lose all the blood in your whole body within five minutes,” said Dr. Mary Pat McKay, director of George Washington University’s Center for Injury Prevention and Control. Rapid blood loss can prevent oxygen from reaching the brain and vital organs, leading to death.

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What adds a touch of irony to this sad story is that one of the four suspects mowed Taylor’s lawn and was also paid to do other yard work for him. The suspect, Charles Wardlow, attended a birthday party at Taylor’s house recently for Taylor’s sister, Tasha Johnson, who happens to date Wardlow’s cousin. Under Florida law, anyone who commits a violent felony in which a death occurs can face a murder charge. Police report that multiple suspect’s have confessed and they are still trying to determine which one of the four worms actually shot and killed Sean Taylor. Regardless of who pulled the trigger causing Taylor's death, each suspect potentially can be charged with multiple felonies including murder, armed home invasion for the purpose of committing a burglary and firearm violations with the potential of a death sentence or life in prison with no parole.

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According to public defenders assigned to legally represent them, they are all terrified. Unlike Sean Taylor, however, they're all alive. Taylor must have been terrified too. What normal human being wouldn't be. He's asleep in his own bed with his girlfriend and 18 month daughter nearby in the middle of the night. He was awakened by a noise that I'm sure he realized was potentially life threatening and boom, at least three of the suspects burst in through his bedroom door and shot Taylor where he stood. I have to wonder how much additional courage a handgun in your possession provides. Is this what the framers of the constitution had in mind when they ratified the 2nd amendment back in 1789? “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed". Were these four punks the type of individuals they had in mind for maintaining our well regulated militia? I would be willing to debate anybody who disagrees that if these guys didn't have a handgun in their possession, they would have been significantly more likely to wet their pants in a physical confrontation and run away, as opposed to initiating a physical attack.

A disturbingly large percentage of the United States population fancies themselves as tough guys and big talkers. It's been my experience, the more a guy talks tough, the bigger the pussy cat he truly is when action is required to resolve the verbal dispute. Anybody can fire a gun, it's the great equalizer. Most of the so called proponents of the 2nd amendment don't even know what its intent is beyond the fact they can go down to the gun store and buy all the guns their little hearts desire, using monies left over from their beer and beef jerky funds. Life is just another episode of a bad movie or tv show where I suppose some of you believe Sean Taylor could have whipped out a 357 magnum and blown the four punks to hell and back. Perhaps there may have been additional shooting and his girlfriend and baby daughter could have been struck too? Gun control, like abortion, are two arguments that will never be resolved. As long as we allow ourselves to believe we're all gunslingers and protectors of the unborn, nothing will change. I would like to live my life without some heavily armed nutball idiot nearby imposing his personal beliefs on me. Maybe if more people felt that way, Sean Taylor's 18 month daughter would have shared in her father's joyous life rather than missing out due to her father's senseless death........

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