Monday, March 3, 2008

If You Will Buy It, She Will Keep Selling It!


Much like in gambling, real property transactions or dating girls, someone is always armed and ready to take advantage of you like the sucker you are. Much like people forced by the courts to wear monitoring devices around their ankles, a much larger segment of society should be adjudicated to have "VICTIM" indelibly etched across their forehead. Everybody likes to laugh out loud about how merchants, car salesmen, service industry employees, clergy and politicians try to make buffoons of them, but the victims don't hear these perpetrators laughing out louder as they greedily line their pockets with your abundant gullibility. Politicians over the years have learned to convert certain defeat into certain victory by exploiting you, the clueless home voter. They simplistically do this by simplistically assuring people to provide high paying jobs, better schools, affordable health insurance, lower taxes and mostly safety for you and your sleeping children. This seems so damn simple, you wonder why these problems still even exist.

Ever since the public first became afflicted with the deadly pox known as Bush-Shot that initially reared its ugly head in the late 80's, this country has rapidly sunk deeper and deeper into a malaise that has mutated to where people have become so accustomed to the taste of stupidity, they keep going back for seconds. Even though political dirty tricks were not a novelty nearly 30 years ago, they had not sunk to the depths they were heading under republican strategist and mentor to a young Porky Pig lookalike Karl Rove, named Leroy "Lee" Atwater. This despicable excuse for a human being single handedly inducted himself into the political Hall of Shame during the 1980 congressional campaigns. He helped defeat a democrat for congress by exposing the fact the candidate had electroshock treatments as a 16 year old boy to combat thoughts of suicide. Atwater also helped George H.W. Bush defeat Michael Dukakis with the exploitive and racist Willie Horton ads. It was during this foray into the political abyss that Atwater befriended George W. Bush. Lil Bush was basically given the nepotistic assignment of spying for his daddy. What else could a 42 year old stupid, drunken, drug addicted failure and imbecile with a Yale undergraduate degree and MBA from Harvard do to earn a living on his own?

Junior was so impressed with Atwater's acumen as a despicable liar and manipulator of people and facts, he would become engaged to Karl Rove. Sadly, Lee Atwater would contract brain cancer and die two years after Daddy Bush took office. Atwater found religion and apologetically reached out to all he trashed in order to seek absolution before his death in 1991. No such epiphany for George W or Rove to date and I find it doubtful that day will ever come for either of these wastes of space. Bush will be shown the door in less than a year and Karl Rove is now a journalist in the proud tradition of Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hanity and the rest of the pied pipers of phlegm at the Right Wing Retardation Reich aka FOX News. Democrats have for the past 30 years tried to counter this dirt by taking the high road. Since 1976, only Bill Clinton has managed to do so. So when the going gets tough, the tough get copying. So Hillary Clinton and her 35 years of experience, ready to lead from day one and so on, is now throwing everything in the house including the house itself to see if anything will stick to that proverbial wall. In her latest hurl, Hillary has gone roving to Karl's play book and is trying to terrorize Americans with terrorism.

Yes sir, your kids are sleeping like angels at 3:00 AM eastern time when the phone rings. Not your phone mind you, but Hillary's phone in the White House. Hillary is ready in her fully decked out Victoria Secret negligee pantsuit waiting for the call. Hillary answers and finds out the terrorists are rolling into towns all over America. All the rolling has apparently made their ribs sore, but they're determined nonetheless. Hillary, clearly agitated, asks the person on the other end, "why do they always call me first?" She doesn't really mind but still, every time there's a terrorist at the door or at a debate, she invariably gets called on first. It seems a thin African-American man wearing a Kenyan costume along with a Si Se Pueda baseball cap and an African-American woman who has a less than proud look on her punim were seen around Capitol Hill. Well Commander Clinton, what do we do? "Um, let me ask Bill." The First Laddie, however, is nowhere to be found. Hillary finds a note on the front door. The note reads "I've been ready from day one to see that dark haired, pudgy intern in the blue dress. Don't wait up, this time I'll drop the dress off at the dry cleaner myself."

Hillary is too experienced to be angry this time. She can't just make a speech about taking her eyes off the balls and allowing the Arkansas Mongoose to escape its confinement to Bill now. She needs solutions, not speeches. She knew she was being delusional thinking the Little Rock Lothario would become Old Faithful. She needs to get real. After all, it's been Hillary's experience that even a smooth operator like Bill still has rough edges after 35 years of aint being nothing but a hound dog. What to do? Then it slaps her like a palm on the business end of a thong. Call Vice President Kucinich away from his quail hunting safari with former Vice President Cheney and let him make the decision. That's what you call leadership.....

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Very clever and creative. I like the satire and the apt descriptions of bush and rove, two of the most contemptible beings on earth. Obama got my vote today in TX and I hope he does indeed become the Democratic nominee. But whoever is selected president has huge hills to climb thanks to bush, cheney, rumsfeld, rice, and rove. And those hills may be insurmountable. Of course if McCain gets in the hills will only multiply, the sun will disappear and this good nation will go down into darkness.

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